Meet the Author

Lovely to have you here, I’m Tessa-Jean.
Also known as Tessa, Tess, Tj & T.
I am a writer from Southern Africa living in Colorado Springs, USA with my husband & sons. I love to be barefoot & fill my house with bold flowers.
I have been an avid reader for as long as anyone has known me & have had my nose in children’s books daily for 5+ years.
When I smile wide, my eyes disappear.

You are so welcome here

I write to help you & your family learn to say good byes & sit with hard feelings so that you enjoy the freedom that can accompany grieving well.

In an ideal world I would invite you over, pour you a cool drink & maybe pass a box of tissues while kids play in the sunshine and we talk about hard things.
Wherever in the world you are today, I am glad you are here with me.

This space is a new part of my writing journey & I hope my words will encourage you. When we can process the bitter parts together, we are freed to soak up the sweetness together too.

Meet my family – taken at my 5 year olds’ 2020 quarantine birthday celebration.

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During the Corona Virus pandemic, I published When I Can’t See Grandma, which is my first children’s book – but not my last.